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Location: 1200 5th Ave Ste 1300, Seattle, 98101 WA

EIN: 20-8350995

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2Bureaucratic2Culturally incompetent2Doesn't "get" nonprofits and issues1Difficult to work with1Inadvertently exerts negative influence in the field1Risk averse

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Seattle International Foundation

May 25, 2021

Professional in the field

This Foundation had deep racist practices. Many of the BICOP and disabled community is deeply hurt and oppressed- which is why most leave fast. The majority of the people in “leadership” and earning the most are white, yet this is supposed to be a foundation “for Central America”.


Inadvertently exerts negative influence in the field, Doesn't "get" nonprofits and issues, Difficult to work with, Culturally incompetent, Bureaucratic, Risk averse

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Jun 11, 2019

Professional in the field

This foundation is widely recognized, particularly in Seattle where it is based, as being a joke. They accomplish virtually nothing, give away a paltry amount of grant funding, spend an unjustifiable amount of money on staffing, fancy digs, travel, and other internal expenses, and have almost nothing to show for 10 years of "work." Be mindful and ask the right questions before you engage.


Doesn't "get" nonprofits and issues, Culturally incompetent, Bureaucratic

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