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Bank Of America Charitable Foundation Inc - Charlotte, NC - 12 Survey Respondents
"You must have a champion, I suspect a bank employee but perhaps another nonprofit that they have funded for a very long time. I have tried unsuccessfu"
Wells Fargo Foundation - Minneapolis, MN - 26 Survey Respondents
"You will not be able to receive funding without having a conversation with the grant officer in the Foundation beforehand. During our conversations th"
Securian Foundation - St Paul, MN - 7 Survey Respondents
"Know that they just switched to taking online applications, and the transition wasn't clear. The program officer is not responsive, so it's ha"
Patrick & Aimee Butler Family Foundation - Saint Paul, MN - 7 Survey Respondents
"They only fund organizations they have a relationship with--but they are loyal once you get in! I wouldn't send a blind LOI/proposal... try to mee"
Pierce Family Foundation - Chicago, IL - 6 Survey Respondents
"Pierce is a wonderful foundation and has been for years. Their staff are legitimate big thinkers in the philanthropic industry. Unfortunately their"
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Community Foundation Of Middlesex County Inc - Middletown, CT - 2 Survey Respondents
Rating Pending
Baton Rouge Area Foundation - Baton Rouge, LA - 1 Survey Respondents

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List of 620+ Foundations Live on GrantAdvisor

Beginning 5/23/19, GrantAdvisor will be making public any review that complies with its community guidelines. For more background on this change read the full announcement here. Here's a complete list (as of 5/21/19) of foundations who will have live profiles on the site: Foundation NameStateTotal Reviews3M FOUNDATION (41-6038262)MN18A J FLETCHER FOUNDATION (23-7423031)NC1A MILLION MATTERS INC (31-1575173)GA2ABBOTT NORTHWESTERN HOSPITAL [...]

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Hey Grantwriters! You’re inspiring bold moves and big change

More than 11,000 of you across the nation have joined the GrantAdvisor community in our first 20 months. Whether you’ve written a review of a funder, registered with the site, or subscribed to our newsletter – you are a playing a crucial part of transforming philanthropy. As we approach the end of our second year, [...]

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