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Tjx Foundation Inc - Framingham, MA - 3 Survey Respondents
"TJX is one of those opaque foundations where all communication happens through the online LOI/application portal or through an "info@" e-mail...."
Wal-mart Foundation - Bentonville, AR - 10 Survey Respondents
"We had been in discussions with the regional contact about our proposal and were encouraged to apply. We were still not funded. I have since discourag..."
F B Heron Foundation - New York, NY - 9 Survey Respondents
"Though we did not get a grant, their response to our inquiry was prompt & courteous...."
Meadows Foundation Incorporated - Dallas, TX - 3 Survey Respondents
"Have a meeting first - and then be prepared to answer questions completely unrelated to your nonprofit, and/or your request...."
Mcknight Foundation - Minneapolis, MN - 15 Survey Respondents
"Reaching out to a program officer is advisable before pursuing funding. Read through their documentation and stated value sand objectives. Making sure..."
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Elmina B Sewall Foundation - Freeport, ME - 1 Survey Respondents
Rating Pending
Monsanto Fund - St Louis, MO - 1 Survey Respondents

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Why Donor Advised Funds Aren’t Really for Grantwriters (But Can Be…)

We've all heard about the fastest growing form of charitable giving: Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). If you are a fundraising professional chances are you can't open up your inbox or the latest philanthropy magazine without reading about how DAFs have surpassed $110 billion in assets in 2017, or how 6 of the top 10 largest [...]

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Anatomy of an Effective GrantAdvisor Response

When I was young and new arts grantmaker, I once unintentionally shared a link to an application that wouldn’t allow applicants to submit their application. We were using a new database and as the deadline approached, only a few applications were showing up where we thought they would. Finally, we got an exasperated email from [...]

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Starting the Conversation

In a recent post on his NonprofitAF blog, activist, writer, and nonprofit ED, Vu Le, wrote a piece called “How funder fragility is similar to white fragility and what funders can do about it.” In the piece, Le describes a convening he attended of professionals of color that was interrupted by Funder Fragility –a phenomena [...]

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