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Peter & Elizabeth C Tower Foundation Tr - Getzville, NY - 12 Survey Respondents
"The Foundation works collaboratively to ensure a clear understanding of your proposed grant and is responsive and supportive. Oriented to making the..."
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - Seattle, WA - 13 Survey Respondents
"To be honest, of all the grants we won which were 6, Gates was the easiest. We applied the year before and didn't get the grant but the next year..."
Ford Foundation - New York, NY - 6 Survey Respondents
"My experience is that if you let them believe that they are really smart and know more than you do and that they helped shaped the proposal, you can g..."
Open Road Alliance - Washington, DC - 36 Survey Respondents
"Best to have a meeting prior to submission of the application and continue to engage with the funder..."
Medica Foundation - Minnetonka, MN - 10 Survey Respondents
"Follow the guidelines, which are straightforward, and make sure to apply for the right area. We did not get funded the first year, but we were a good..."
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Womens Fund Of Greater Birmingham - Birmingham, AL - 1 Survey Respondents
Rating Pending
Alaska Community Foundation - Anchorage, AK - 1 Survey Respondents

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Anatomy of an Effective GrantAdvisor Response

When I was young and new arts grantmaker, I once unintentionally shared a link to an application that wouldn’t allow applicants to submit their application. We were using a new database and as the deadline approached, only a few applications were showing up where we thought they would. Finally, we got an exasperated email from [...]

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Starting the Conversation

In a recent post on his NonprofitAF blog, activist, writer, and nonprofit ED, Vu Le, wrote a piece called “How funder fragility is similar to white fragility and what funders can do about it.” In the piece, Le describes a convening he attended of professionals of color that was interrupted by Funder Fragility –a phenomena [...]

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Anatomy of an Effective GrantAdvisor Review

Every day at 8:00 a.m., I log on to my computer and read reviews written at My goal is to assess whether or not the new reviews align with GrantAdvisor's community guidelines. GrantAdvisor encourages reviews be about the institution of philanthropy and therefore doesn’t allow comments about specific individuals. I make sure no names are mentioned, and often times ask for input from an internal [...]

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