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Kenneth King Foundation - Denver, CO - 8 Survey Respondents
"Before starting the application to the Kenneth King Foundation be sure to have your Colorado Common Grant Application (CGA) template done. Then, you w"
Open Road Alliance - Washington, DC - 66 Survey Respondents
"Very easy to approach, even as a cold application."
Nellie Mae Education Foundation - Quincy, MA - 82 Survey Respondents
"What a wonderful organization! Super easy to work with and communicated about the right time to apply."
Washington Womens Foundation - Seattle, WA - 10 Survey Respondents
"Try to cap the number of hours you'd spend on writing this proposal."
Community First Foundation - Arvada, CO - 41 Survey Respondents
"It's probably best to call or email and ask questions."
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Mcpherson County Community Foundation - Mcpherson, KS - 2 Survey Respondents
Rating Pending
Anna B Stearns Charitable Foundation Inc - Boston, MA - 1 Survey Respondents

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Why We Need to #FixTheForm
Surprise pop-up questions. Not being able to save. Applications that take 25 hours and result in $2,000. Poorly designed grant applications cost nonprofits precious time (up to 20% of full time work), create barriers and inequitable access to funding, and lead to burnout and turnover in key roles. Small changes (ie. eliminate word limits!) can [...]
Now is the time to get rid of word and character limits in grant applications forever!
By: Kari Aanestad, co-director of We are all living in a time of epic disruption, which is stressful AND an opportunity to discover new ways of being and doing our work together. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic government agencies and foundations have taken some remarkable steps to reduce conditions on funds, allow greater [...]
Where Our Minnesota Team Finds Hope: Shifting Power to Communities
By: the GrantAdvisor team (Kari Aanestad, Grace Fogland, Jon Pratt, Andrea Sanow) On Monday, May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a Black man and member of the Minneapolis community died in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department when he was pinned to the ground by his neck by a white police officer. Floyd was stopped [...]