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M J Murdock Charitable Trust - Vancouver, WA - 70 Survey Respondents
"The application itself is lengthy and very thorough, but you must go through the LOI process first (and definitely talk with a program officer in adva"
Allegany Franciscan Ministries - Palm Harbor, FL - 20 Survey Respondents
"Funder and grant administrator was very professional and passionate about project. Instructions were detailed yet easy to understand. Pleased with ov"
Peery Foundation - Palo Alto, CA - 33 Survey Respondents
"What happened? Peery was the model funder and then they quickly unwound, in the process violating every one of their grantee-centric principles?"
Open Road Alliance - Washington, DC - 59 Survey Respondents
"Be able to define the roadblock and its effects on achieving your expected results."
Nellie Mae Education Foundation - Quincy, MA - 56 Survey Respondents
"Be concise. Fields limited to 2000 characters."
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The Common Sense Fund Inc - Greenwich, CT - 1 Survey Respondents
Rating Pending
Mcpherson County Community Foundation - Mcpherson, KS - 2 Survey Respondents

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Now is the time to get rid of word and character limits in grant applications forever!
By: Kari Aanestad, co-director of We are all living in a time of epic disruption, which is stressful AND an opportunity to discover new ways of being and doing our work together. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic government agencies and foundations have taken some remarkable steps to reduce conditions on funds, allow greater [...]
Where Our Minnesota Team Finds Hope: Shifting Power to Communities
By: the GrantAdvisor team (Kari Aanestad, Grace Fogland, Jon Pratt, Andrea Sanow) On Monday, May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a Black man and member of the Minneapolis community died in the custody of the Minneapolis Police Department when he was pinned to the ground by his neck by a white police officer. Floyd was stopped [...]
GreatFoundations Minnesota findings
By: The GrantAdvisor Team The results are in! The GrantAdvisor team is thrilled to release a list of GreatFoundations in Minnesota – funders that the community has identified as doing great work in the state. The goal of GreatFoundations is to celebrate the amazing vibrancy of our sector and the foundations who are going above [...]