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Open Road Alliance - Washington, DC - 44 Survey Respondents
"Understand its funding criteria and openly discuss them with ORAs team."
Allegany Franciscan Ministries - Palm Harbor, FL - 11 Survey Respondents
"To be honest throughout the application and funding process. Open and honest dialogue. Example, if anything needs to be changed including spending b"
M J Murdock Charitable Trust - Vancouver, WA - 41 Survey Respondents
"Understand your needs and have the ability to communicate them."
Walter And Elise Haas Fund - San Francisco, CA - 3 Survey Respondents
"Do your research and have a great budget and strategic plan in place."
Solano Community Foundation - Fairfield, CA - 18 Survey Respondents
"Looking at their website it is pretty clear what each of the funding categories are intended for with examples and other information. I do enjoy spea"
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Anschutz Foundation - Denver, CO - 1 Survey Respondents
Rating Pending
Baton Rouge Area Foundation - Baton Rouge, LA - 1 Survey Respondents

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NEW FEATURE! There are over 120,000 foundations in GrantAdvisor's database. Click a state below to see who has and hasn't received reviews. On the results page use the advanced search function to sort by things like "hours per application" or filter by city.

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List of 620+ Foundations Live on GrantAdvisor

Beginning 5/23/19, GrantAdvisor will be making public any review that complies with its community guidelines. For more background on this change read the full announcement here. Here's a complete list (as of 5/21/19) of foundations who will have live profiles on the site: Foundation NameStateTotal Reviews3M FOUNDATION (41-6038262)MN18A J FLETCHER FOUNDATION (23-7423031)NC1A MILLION MATTERS INC (31-1575173)GA2ABBOTT NORTHWESTERN HOSPITAL [...]

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