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Impact 100 Inc - Cincinnati, OH - 4 Survey Respondents
"Consider your time investment prior to applying. In 2020 they received over 120 applications with 4 awards made to the finalists. The process of getti"
Walter And Elise Haas Fund - San Francisco, CA - 31 Survey Respondents
"Provide a thorough description of your organizations mission, operations and goals for the requested grant amount."
Kenneth King Foundation - Denver, CO - 14 Survey Respondents
"The staff is responsive and can answer questions in advance."
Allegany Franciscan Ministries - Palm Harbor, FL - 35 Survey Respondents
"Be sure to have all the details of your intiative available. Respond specifically to questions asked. Keep your objectives clear and concise."
Nellie Mae Education Foundation - Quincy, MA - 86 Survey Respondents
"Apply! Not a hard application. Straight, to the point."
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The Fund For Greater Hartford Inc - Hartford, CT - 1 Survey Respondents
Rating Pending
Ausherman Family Foundation Inc - Frederick, MD - 1 Survey Respondents

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What it Really Takes to #FixTheForm: Behind the Scenes with the Initiative Foundation
by Kimberly Slipy, Initiative Foundation and Kari Aanestad, When The Initiative Foundation first began the journey of updating their grants management systems and processes two years ago, they never have could have imagined the impact that small changes would have on their community and own staff. This 34-year-old community foundation based in Little Falls, [...]
Listening – An Opportunity for Funders
by Cindy Matthews and Kelly Degering, Community First Foundation Foundations and nonprofits need one another in order to succeed in their charitable missions. Sometimes things get in the way -  like inadvertently cumbersome applications (#FixTheForm), broken contact links, misunderstanding of priorities. A primary goal of GrantAdvisor is to close the feedback loop between grantseekers and grantmakers, [...]
Why We Need to #FixTheForm
Surprise pop-up questions. Not being able to save. Applications that take 25 hours and result in $2,000. Poorly designed grant applications cost nonprofits precious time (up to 20% of full time work), create barriers and inequitable access to funding, and lead to burnout and turnover in key roles. Small changes (ie. eliminate word limits!) can [...]