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Allegany Franciscan Ministries - Palm Harbor, FL - 15 Survey Respondents
"Our non profit had our first experience with this funder. The application process was logical and user friendly. The funder also held seminars to exp"
Boeing Company Charitable Trust - Chicago, IL - 6 Survey Respondents
"Puget Sound leadership is a total disaster and the Seattle senior manager possesses bad judgement. At the 2019 STEM Summit she was bragging about Boei"
Bank Of America Charitable Foundation Inc - Charlotte, NC - 16 Survey Respondents
"This is a very long, invasive application with low chance of award. Consider carefully before you spend your precious time on this beast. I am a grant"
Open Road Alliance - Washington, DC - 46 Survey Respondents
"ORA are open, accessible and great to work with- and the process is straight forward and not burdensome. It is useful to have a conversation with them"
Mary’s Pence - Saint Paul, MN - 20 Survey Respondents
"My advice to a colleague would be to take advantage of their webinar."
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The Community Foundation For Northeast Florida Inc - Jacksonville, FL - 1 Survey Respondents
Rating Pending
Marjorie Moore Charitable Foundation - Providence, RI - 1 Survey Respondents

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