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2Difficult to work with2Doesn't "get" nonprofits and issues2Inadvertently exerts negative influence in the field

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Network for Good

Feb 21, 2020 2

Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

I'm pretty sure their grant application is just a marketing email opt-in with extra steps.


Inadvertently exerts negative influence in the field, Doesn't "get" nonprofits and issues, Difficult to work with

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Nov 14, 2019 3

Reviewer 6099 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2019

I'm pretty sure these grants are a marketing strategy for the company.

Network for Good gets the Razzie Award for most obtuse question ever: how will you change the world with $1,000? Seriously?

Suggested answers:
Do you mean the world today or back in 1600, when $1,000 was actually a significant amount of money?

Purchase a copy of Wayne's World and hire a teenager to edit the ending.

Buy $1,000 in lottery tickets and hope for a big payout so we can actually do something.

Use the $1,000 to offset a week's worth of grant writing in hopes we will actually get a grant that offers some resources?

I could change the world for one dog with $1,000, but that's only $143 in dog money.

I could take out $1,000 in ads warning people not to apply to this grant, which would reduce the number of people applying and make it more likely I would get an amount of money I could actually make an impact with.

Use the money to go to Hawaii. It would change MY world. Wait, that's not even enough to do that. Ummm....go to Muncie and buy a six pack?

Combine the $1,000 with a $100 million grant from the Gates Foundation.

And here is the answer I am pretty sure they want to hear:
Purchase your products and use them to change the world!!!

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Jul 22, 2019

Grant Applicant - applied in 2019

This funder also sells software to nonprofits. If you apply, you will receive a lot of solicitations via email and mail.


Inadvertently exerts negative influence in the field, Doesn't "get" nonprofits and issues, Difficult to work with

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