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5Culturally incompetent5Risk averse4Bureaucratic4Difficult to work with4Builds relationships3Doesn't "get" nonprofits and issues3"Gets" nonprofits and issues3Likes site visits2Insightful2Responsive2Positive leader in the field1Inadvertently exerts negative influence in the field

Advice from a Friend

M J Murdock Charitable Trust

Oct 22, 2018

Reviewer 5016 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2016

Before all else, consider whether you have at least a four-year organizational history that will build the case for growth. I feel like Murdock looks at and weighs history in the application, which can be frustrating for less established organizations, but very validating for orgs who have good track records. Pitch a few project ideas and let them give feedback on what may or may not align with their priorities!


Culturally sensitive, Friendly, Builds relationships, Likes site visits, "Gets" nonprofits and issues

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Jul 13, 2018

Reviewer 7713 - Grant Applicant - applied before 2014

They like being told well in advance about potential projects and will not fund anything long-term. They want grantees to become self-sufficient


Insightful, Builds relationships, Likes site visits

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Jul 10, 2018

Professional in the field

Please note - directly from a board member who has a personal relationship with this funder - They have a cold, old fashioned, risk averse process. Their trustees and other involved also fund anti-LGBT groups/actions.

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Jul 09, 2018

Reviewer 1422 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2018

The LOI process is deceptively simple and the response time is short. On the other hand, the application is much more arduous than any other Foundation in the local area. Program Officer was abrupt, impersonal, and difficult to work with, repeatedly asking for information that was already given. They are not culturally sensitive. Review guidelines thoroughly before applying- if they state they "do not generally fund" something, they don't fund it. Period. Make sure your financials are solid before approaching this funder.

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May 22, 2018

Grant Applicant - applied in 2018

I wish we hadn't wasted our time pursuing a Murdock grant. It was a long and arduous process and to invest so much time and not get funded is painful. If you do direct service and are a large(r) mainstream organization maybe you'll do better than we did. They are the epitome of a white-savior-funder. Their own agenda built on hierarchies of white privilege.


Difficult to work with, Culturally incompetent, Risk averse

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Feb 20, 2018

Grant Applicant - applied before 2014

This was the most laborious grant application I ever had to write. We had to jump through many hoops, had an extensive in-person visit, and then were not funded. The whole process took almost a year.


Inadvertently exerts negative influence in the field, Doesn't "get" nonprofits and issues, Bureaucratic

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Jan 22, 2018

Reviewer 752 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2016

Their time is limited, but they will take time for projects that interest them. They are exacting in their expectations.


Positive leader in the field, Gives more than money, Insightful, Builds relationships, Likes site visits, "Gets" nonprofits and issues, Responsive

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Oct 23, 2017

Grant Applicant - applied in 2015

Definitely call before you write the LOI. But I've seen them encourage several grants that they would never fund. Very difficult processes. Not very nice site visit. They have a ton of money, but... I'm not sure it's worth working with them. It's the worst, longest, most difficult application I've ever done. And to do that, and then not get funded....


Difficult to work with, Culturally incompetent, Bureaucratic, Risk averse

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Oct 10, 2017

Grant Applicant - applied in 2016

Murdock staff are helpful, easy to connect with and genuinely care about supporting young people. They do not fund current, ongoing programming, so I would recommend applying if you are planning to grow or add a staff person. The process is extremely onerous, especially once you get past the LOI stage, which likely makes it hard for smaller, community-based and POC-led nonprofits to apply.


Risk taker, Builds relationships, "Gets" nonprofits and issues, Responsive

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Oct 06, 2017 2

Grant Applicant - applied in 2016

Definitely make contact with foundation staff. Be very clear if your organization's status and the proposal. Give yourself plenty of time to complete the application. Make sure your financials and other documents are in order. The application is very intertwined so a change in one area has ripple effects that requires changes to other responses to be internally consistent.

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