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24Builds relationships21Responsive20"Gets" nonprofits and issues20Likes site visits18Friendly17Positive leader in the field14Gives more than money13Insightful11Culturally sensitive9Openminded8Risk taker7Risk averse

Advice from a Friend

M J Murdock Charitable Trust

Apr 04, 2019 1

Reviewer 6776 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2018

The Murdock staff’s on-site visit was invaluable to our team’s ability to submit a grant application that was thoroughly responsive to the demands of the Murdock process. Be prepared for this event.

The grant application requirements are exacting and time-consuming. As it should be. With scores of applications submitted each year requesting thousands of dollars for worthwhile projects, a full factual disclosure of each applicant’s history, mission, financial stability and organizational integrity is critical to the foundation’s decision making. The Murdock application process not only facilitates their internal evaluation, but it also provided us with a clear path to writing an effective, fact-based application.


Positive leader in the field, Gives more than money, Culturally sensitive, Insightful, Friendly, Builds relationships, Likes site visits, "Gets" nonprofits and issues, Openminded, Responsive

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Apr 03, 2019 1

Reviewer 4745 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2017

Be prepared for a fairly quick turn around on the LOI, but be planned to wait for nine months for a visit and decision to be made regarding the grant application.


Positive leader in the field, Gives more than money, Insightful, Friendly, Builds relationships, Likes site visits

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Apr 03, 2019 1

Reviewer 6540 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2018

Have a very clear definition of who you are, your work history, mission, accomplishments, goals and plans to accomplish the goals. Be sure to integrate your Christian and your organizations values as part of the research.


Positive leader in the field, Risk taker, Culturally sensitive, Insightful, Builds relationships, "Gets" nonprofits and issues, Openminded, Responsive

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Apr 03, 2019 1

Reviewer 9949 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2018

While the Trust may seem a bit bureaucratic at first, once you are familiar with their process, it becomes easier. Reading the guidelines carefully is essential. Program officers and staff are helpful.


Gives more than money, Friendly, Builds relationships, Likes site visits, Responsive

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Apr 01, 2019 1

Reviewer 7523 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2019

Fund some very specific things and only those things. Have a very well documented and thorough application process.


Inadvertently exerts negative influence in the field, Doesn't "get" nonprofits and issues, Difficult to work with, Risk averse

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Nov 15, 2018 1

Reviewer 4750 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2018

Make sure you are fully grant ready before submission. This foundation is very thorough in their pre-award vetting process and wants to see clear alignment with your mission, strong leadership, and board buy-in. Their website includes a thorough toolkit to help you prepare.


Positive leader in the field, Insightful, Likes site visits, "Gets" nonprofits and issues, Responsive

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Oct 22, 2018 1

Reviewer 5016 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2016

Before all else, consider whether you have at least a four-year organizational history that will build the case for growth. I feel like Murdock looks at and weighs history in the application, which can be frustrating for less established organizations, but very validating for orgs who have good track records. Pitch a few project ideas and let them give feedback on what may or may not align with their priorities!


Culturally sensitive, Friendly, Builds relationships, Likes site visits, "Gets" nonprofits and issues

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Jul 13, 2018 1

Reviewer 7713 - Grant Applicant - applied before 2014

They like being told well in advance about potential projects and will not fund anything long-term. They want grantees to become self-sufficient


Insightful, Builds relationships, Likes site visits

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Jul 10, 2018 2

Professional in the field

Please note - directly from a board member who has a personal relationship with this funder - They have a cold, old fashioned, risk averse process. Their trustees and other involved also fund anti-LGBT groups/actions.

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Response from M J Murdock Charitable Trust

Mar 13, 2019

We do our very best to build an open, welcoming process to every individual, nonprofit and partner we work with based on 43 years of experience in the funding space and informed by extensive feedback from our applicants and grantees. We gather this feedback through many channels, including a regularly conducted survey of applicants and grantees through the Center for Effective Philanthropy (which reflects a positive experience overall by both applicants and grantees https://murdocktrust.org/evaluating-our-efforts/)

That said, we are always trying to improve our process as we know that we are not perfect. We are disheartened to hear that any applicant or partner left with this impression of our organization and we welcome the opportunity to meet personally to hear specific feedback related to your experience so we can improve.

We are aware that there have been misrepresentations made about our work in regards to LGBTQ issues. We have previously clarified that The Murdock Trust does not support projects that discriminate against the LGBTQ community. Our organization has remained committed to human flourishing and human rights throughout our history. We collaborate with very diverse leaders, including many members of the LGBTQ community, as we have worked on projects and supported the work of diverse nonprofits in the Pacific Northwest. The organizations to which we have provided grants serve very diverse populations, including the LGBTQ community. You can read more here: https://murdocktrust.org/answering-questions/

Jul 09, 2018 1

Reviewer 1422 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2018

The LOI process is deceptively simple and the response time is short. On the other hand, the application is much more arduous than any other Foundation in the local area. Program Officer was abrupt, impersonal, and difficult to work with, repeatedly asking for information that was already given. They are not culturally sensitive. Review guidelines thoroughly before applying- if they state they "do not generally fund" something, they don't fund it. Period. Make sure your financials are solid before approaching this funder.

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