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49Responsive36Friendly35"Gets" nonprofits and issues34Positive leader in the field33Insightful33Risk taker32Openminded19Builds relationships11Gives more than money7Culturally sensitive1Reasonable character restrictions1Gives general operating grants

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Open Road Alliance

Apr 12, 2022

Grant Applicant - applied in 2022

This funder does something very specific and wonderful - provide bridge grants and bridge loans when organizations hit roadblocks or unexpected opportunities, in an existing project on climate change. Read their criteria carefully, to make sure you fit or come very close to fitting. Turnaround one way or the other is very quick, befitting the sort of 'emergency' an unexpected need for bridge funding represents to an NGO.


Risk taker, Insightful, "Gets" nonprofits and issues, Openminded, Responsive

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Aug 09, 2021

Reviewer 7955 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

This funder is really straighforward and supportive. They will not make you jump through uneccessary hoops or ask for additional information to requested initially. Communications are great.


Positive leader in the field, Risk taker, Friendly, Responsive

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Feb 25, 2021

Reviewer 1129 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

Very easy to approach, even as a cold application.


Insightful, Friendly, Builds relationships, "Gets" nonprofits and issues, Openminded, Responsive

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Feb 09, 2021

Reviewer 7890 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

The Open Road Alliance process and grant team were amazing. I love that it starts with a simple inquiry to see if you meet basic qualifications before you spend hours working on it. The team is eager for you to give the best application and were incredibly helpful with our many questions and always quick to respond. Having a pre-application interview and post-submission interview were unique and helpful to be able to give all the information about who you are as a company and to answer questions that a applications just can't cover. I was very impressed with the whole process, and by the end my team was doing a happy dance for days!


Positive leader in the field, Gives more than money, Culturally sensitive, Insightful, Friendly, Builds relationships, Openminded, Responsive

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Jan 29, 2021

Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

Applied online and actually got pretty fast turnaround throughout the whole process.


Friendly, Responsive

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Jan 18, 2021

Reviewer 1909 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

Be very clear in the unexpected aspect of your barrier, and have a clear demonstration of how you will overcome this barrier in the future, and/or how it is a one-time circumstance. Having a case for being catalytic is also very important. While we did receive funding, it was not for the full amount and was largely due to the fact that we didn't clearly demonstrate our "catalytic impact" to better fit their model.


Positive leader in the field, Insightful, Friendly, "Gets" nonprofits and issues, Openminded, Responsive

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Dec 15, 2020

Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

The application process is streamlined and very well structured. Timelines are clear and the organisation adhered to them.


Risk taker, "Gets" nonprofits and issues

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Dec 11, 2020

Reviewer 4887 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

Open Road Alliance is a pleasure to work with. Be sure to have clarity on the cause of your emergency, its duration, and the solution before applying!

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Oct 09, 2020

Reviewer 9406 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

Its is key to be able to communicate clearly the roadblock you are facing and that you are confident you will, not only overcome it with their help, but that you have found a longer term solution


Friendly, Builds relationships, Responsive

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Sep 16, 2020

Reviewer 9212 - Grant Applicant - applied in 2020

Be able to define the roadblock and its effects on achieving your expected results.


Positive leader in the field, Insightful, Friendly

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