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Nellie Mae Education Foundation - Quincy, MA - 5 Survey Respondents
"Take advantage of the phone call opportunity with a grant officer!"
Pohlad Family Foundation - Minneapolis, MN - 13 Survey Respondents
"The program officers with whom we worked are exceptionally collaborative. It didn't feel like they were making us jump through hoops to get fundin"
Blandin Foundation - Grand Rapids, MN - 19 Survey Respondents
"We have had a relationship with Blandin since May 2018. We were turned down from a grant but given access to much needed consultation. Since that ti"
Network For Good - Washington, DC - 3 Survey Respondents
"I'm pretty sure their grant application is just a marketing email opt-in with extra steps."
Bank Of America Charitable Foundation Inc - Charlotte, NC - 17 Survey Respondents
"Near impossible to understand how to get a larger grant. Seem to match the guidelines in a significant way, but gift stays (at best) low and flat year"
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The Grace & Franklin Bernsen Foundation - Tulsa, OK - 1 Survey Respondents
Rating Pending
Proteus Foundation - Winchester, VA - 1 Survey Respondents

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