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Northland Foundation - Duluth, MN - 5 Survey Respondents
"If you think you are a good fit based on their website, contact the Director of Grantmaking and tell him about what you are seeking. He will let you k..."
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Princeton, NJ - 7 Survey Respondents
"Our experience with RWJF was fantastic. We received funding for a three-year project, with the project officer always available for questions and ann..."
Open Road Alliance - Washington, DC - 35 Survey Respondents
"This is an invite only application and best to discuss with them beforehand your current need and situation...."
Charles K Blandin Foundation - Grand Rapids, MN - 18 Survey Respondents
"Reach out to a program officer and build a personal relationship. They're extremely accessible, and it'll be worth your time...."
Telligen Community Initiative - West Des Moines, IA - 5 Survey Respondents
"In Telligen's RFP, they strongly encourage you to contact their staff to discuss your application. My team has tried to do this through both emai..."
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New Alliance Foundation Inc - New Haven, CT - 1 Survey Respondents
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C Charles Jackson Foundation - New York, NY - 1 Survey Respondents

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Starting the Conversation

In a recent post on his NonprofitAF blog, activist, writer, and nonprofit ED, Vu Le, wrote a piece called “How funder fragility is similar to white fragility and what funders can do about it.” In the piece, Le describes a convening he attended of professionals of color that was interrupted by Funder Fragility –a phenomena [...]

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Anatomy of an Effective GrantAdvisor Review

Every day at 8:00 a.m., I log on to my computer and read reviews written at My goal is to assess whether or not the new reviews align with GrantAdvisor's community guidelines. GrantAdvisor encourages reviews be about the institution of philanthropy and therefore doesn’t allow comments about specific individuals. I make sure no names are mentioned, and often times ask for input from an internal [...]

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Navigating Funders’ Online Grants Management Systems

What’s the true cost to nonprofits? If you’ve written a grant in the last year, chances are at least one of these things has happened to you. Your proposal is carefully crafted and ready to be uploaded and submitted. You access your account in the funder’s online system and spend the next few hours troubleshooting [...]

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